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Read Yara Shahidi’s Essay On ‘Black Panther’ And The Full Potential Of Black Talent In Hollywood

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Yara Shahidi continues to shine on and off screen as a talented actress, influential activist and now she displays her powerful writing skills. In an essay penned for The Hollywood Reporter, Shahidi reflects on the magnitude of the latest film addition to the Marvel Comic Universe Black Panther. 

Shahidi who like many anticipated the arrival of Black Panther got to view the film during the Los Angeles premier, before the national and international release. Yara Shahidi who never hesitates to be vocal, using her platform to encourage and inspire others, recognizes the importance of the superhero film, not to only to the comic book world but also the future of Black talent in Hollywood.

“Superheroes, because of the history of a white aesthetic, have been very homogeneous — and with the creation of the world of Wakanda, a certain feeling washed over me, searching and finding the superhero in me”

The 18 year old, surely on the path to lead a triumphant career carefully examines how Black Panther with a predominantly Black cast, Black directors, Black costume designers and more lays the foundation for the guaranteed success of African American’s with dreams bigger than local stages. Black Panther which has set unprecedented numbers before it’s official release with presale tickets is just the beginning.

Black Panther is breaking barriers as a movie and as a cultural moment; making me feel like I have permission to celebrate our diverse culture, while demonstrating to corporations and studios alike that our art is important and profitable.” writes Shahidi.

She continues:
“The success of this movie is undeniable, and I’m so fortunate that my younger brothers and I are growing up in the era of Black Panther – an era in which our blackness in not only being normalized but honored.

Read the full empowering essay here.


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