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Read Aya’s Inspirational Story of Leaving Iraq to Start a New Life

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Aya is a young lady who dealt with a lot of heartship at an early age.

After being born in Baghdad, she witnessed her friend being killed at age ten and her father being taken away by the military at age 14. It was when her family left for Turkey, when she started to take steps towards a better life.

Brandon Stanton, a photographer and founder of Humans of New York, was there at the same time to expand his knowledge of the lives of Syrian refugees. Now, HONY is the go-to source to see the real life stories of these determined people.

With the stories at hand, Brandon’s new goal is to show the public what these innocent people go through to help them gain citizenship into the U.S.

“After years of hardship, her [Aya] application for resettlement in the United States was rejected. She has just begun an appeal process. As we learn the rest of the story, if you feel inclined to lend your voice in support of her appeal, I have created a petition for that purpose. It’s not a petition, actually. We’re not asking that any action be taken. It’s an invitation … for President Obama to join us in saying: ’Aya is important to us. We do not believe she is a threat. And we think she deserves to be here.”

To learn more or show your support visit HONY’s Facebook page here.


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