President Obama Is First President in 36 Years To Leave Office With a Smaller Federal Prison Population

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President Obama has just 11 days left in office and people all around the country are already beginning to deal with this reality.

As his two terms come to an end, the work POTUS has done over the last eight years has been heavily analyzed and praised by many, while critiqued by others.

One thing folks can’t take away from him was his successful efforts to lower the federal prison population, and based on the work he’s done, President Obama will become the first president in 36 years to leave office with a smaller federal prison population than he inherited.

As Vox reports:

According to Pew Research, in 2015, the federal prison population was down to an estimated 196,455. Based on the latest estimates from the Federal Bureau of Prisons for January 2017, the federal prison population is at 189,333.

Despite President Obama’s amazing efforts, it’s clear that the federal prison population still needs to be reduced in a massive way. Hopefully this is the start of that.


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