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Power Of The Internet: Stranger Starts GoFundMe For Evicted Veteran & Raises Enough To Get His Home Back

By Posted on 0 1 m read

The Internet is a powerful, powerful place. It’s also an amazing place when it wants to be.

Greg Elwood, a man from outside of Buffalo, NY, started a GoFundMe account for a random veteran, who at the time was evicted from his home for missing payments. Keep in mind, Greg doesn’t know World War II vet Johnnie Hodges Sr., but that didn’t stop him from doing his good deed.

The GoFundMe account was set up five months ago, and over that time period, Greg was able to raise roughly $110,000, according to Yahoo. The original goal was only $50,000, showing just how amazing people can be.

Now, 90-year old Johnnie Hodges Sr. can enjoy the holidays in the comfort of his own home, all thanks to Greg Elwood and everyone who donated. Read the entire story here.


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