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Pharrell Gets Chatty About New Beyonce Album, Almost Done?

By Posted on 0 2 m read

In a recent interview with Billboard, Pharrell let loose some details ona myriad of topics and projects he’s working on. First on the list was his “Follow it. Find it.” campaign, hosted by eBay which he curates with other greats like Solange Knowles and several other contributors. It’s essentially a list of great things the curators love and think are dope that can all be found on eBay. Check it out and you might find it to be a little reminiscent of Fancy or Pinterest with their purchase ability.

Afterwards he spoke about his ARTST TLK show where he interviews industry greats and asks them questions about their careers, and calls for them to opine on various popular topics. We actually reported his episode with film legend Spike Lee not too long ago.

What you’ve all been waiting for however, is about as close to an official word on Beyonce’s newest album as we’re probably going to get. When speaking on the amount of time Bey’s been taking he had this to say:

B’s album is crazy. Let me tell you what it is. She’s very particular. She’s a Virgo. And she’s not going to put it out until it’s ready and feels like it’s right to her. She’s got a very specific taste.

This is what we know and love about Beyonce, so there’s no surprise there. But what got our spirit jumping was this next bit:

 [Other people are hearing her album] and are like “Whoa!” And she’s like, “Yeah, I’m almost done.” And she’s the queen.

We’re sure the anticipation is killing us and we’re sure it’s hard for you guys too. Unless she pulls a Magna Carta, we don’t really expect the album for this year, however, 2014 looks promising. You guys have any guesses on what season???




*Pharrell shot courtesy of friend of LiveCivil Ms. Tasha Bleu. Stay tuned for a recap on what all Tasha’s been up to !*


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