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Peter Saul Says: “Talk About Dying”

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“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off,” said Dr. Peter Saul.  In his semi-morbid Ted Talk about death, there were also important enlightening moments.  The one thing many family and friends rarely discuss is the actual probability of death and tragedy of one another.  Saul points out that nearly 1 in every 500 elder persons in homes actually have a plan for possible death and surgery room complications.  While it’s disturbing to consider of one another, there’s no better time to bring it up than when you’re healthy and coherent.

"Ted Talks" "Talk About Dying"

According to Saul, many people consider uses of hospitals and doctors as “saving” lives; but in actuality, it should be considered a “prolonging” of life.  What would you do if your father suddenly fell into a vegetable-state threatening coma?  How would you know what he would prefer as the outcome?

Saul is an advocate for talking about death.  And came to find that 99% of all participants in his exercises left feeling relieved and less stressed about their next phases of life.  When family and friends die while in Intensive Care, it causes 7x more stress than when died in any other circumstance.  His idea is to get people talking about these inevitable possibilities, because as much as we like to believe we are invincible, it simply isn’t true.

Talk about dying and be at ease with living.

Watch the following video for his full breakdown on how to approach your family with these questions, and the 4 ways humans go… (it’s not depressing, i promise!)


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