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Paula-Mae Weekes Makes History As First Woman President Of Trinidad And Tobago

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Island nation Trinidad and Tobago elected Paula-Mae Weekes to presidential office and the woman in charge has officially taken over.  This is the first time the Caribbean country will have a female president. Her January election win was commemorated Monday as she was sworn into office.

image via newsday/Sureash Cholai

Her position as with any public office comes with great responsibility. TelesurTV reports “Weekes will now be the head of the armed forces, she will be responsible for approving bills before they become law, and for ‘casting an eye on the operations and behavior of the Government’” according to Prime Minister Rowley.

Prior to being elected president, Paula-Mae Weeks served as a judge on the Supreme Court a position earned from her extensive career in law.  She has served in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for over a decade. Weekes also became a judge in the Criminal Division of the country’s high court in 1996, being promoted to the Court of Appeal in 2005.

Weekes is ready to begin working towards change for Trinidad and Tobago.

“This will not be accomplished easily or overnight. It is a marathon folks! Whether we set off with a burst of speed or at a crawl there will come periods in which we fade and have to employ the “just to the next lamppost” strategy as we soldier on. But there will also be unexpected surges of energy when we are able to propel ourselves forward with extraordinary vigour. We must not become weary. We must trust that in time we will reap the benefits of our efforts.”  says Weekes during her address to the people as President Paula-Mae Weekes.



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