Patrice Banks Opens Up ‘The Girls Auto Clinic’, A Safe Place For Women To Get Their Car Serviced

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For some women, taking your car to the auto shop is not the most pleasant experience. From the moment we walk in, we are prone to death stares from thirsty men, sleezy salespeople trying to take advantage of us, and just an overall uneasy feeling.

Patrice Banks, the owner of The Girls Auto Clinic, is changing this experience for women in a great way.

The Girls Auto Clinic has one simple mission: make women feel comfortable when they have to get their cars serviced. The Philadelphia-based repair shop offers more than just car servicing too; the shop serves as a hair and nail salon too! They even host monthly free workshops that teach simple tips on car maintenance that all women need to know.

So convenient, and necessary!

Banks wanted to ensure that women would never be ripped off and taken advantage of at other car shops. “I’ve always feared that I was taken advantage of and not making the right choice with my car,” she told NBC News. “And thought, why don’t we make something for women. We don’t need the guys.”

Check out their NBC segment below. Best of luck Patrice Banks and The Girls Auto Clinic!


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