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Papercutz Turns Barbie Into An Empowering Comic For Women

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Barbie has been stepping it up when it comes to diversity and their brand, and they have stepped outside of the box once again with their very own comic book! Mashable has an exclusive preview of Papercutz’s Barbie, an empowering new comic for women of all colors.

The new issue will have two story lines, both incorporating a fearless and hardworking Barbie. One where she is working as an assistant for fashion icon, Whitney Yang. Barbie will be finding her way, using her beauty and brains to make a mark in the fashion industry. The second one is Barbie as a space savior, where she will be visiting another planet to help save their ecosystem.

Can barbie help us figure out global warming?!

Women of color will be featured in the story line and Barbie is taking on the roles of bad ass, fierce, working women instead of the typical type of women that we see in comics (girlfriend/damsel in distress, and helpless). The series embodies the modern day women and diversity in relationships and the work place. In 2017 this is exactly what our children need to see, inclusion.

In this book, Barbie shows us something different. Yes, she is traditionally feminine and loves fashion. But she also uses her brain and talents to advance in her industry. Barbie boasts of being a “knowledge sponge,” and her goal is to find her personal vision. She has passion and drive, and she doesn’t have to be anything other than who she is to be the hero of her story.” –



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