Pantene Wants To Know Why Women Are Always Apologizing

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What started off as a trending topic on social media, #SorryNotSorry now has a new meaning. Apart of their #ShineStrong campaign, hair care brand Pantene recently released video that poses the question: “Why are women always apologizing?”

The viral clip, with more than three million views, shows various events in which women are apologizing for things that do not require an apology: asking a question, scooting over at a conference table, making statements at meetings, voicing their opinions (acts that look all too familiar). With no mention of hair care products at all, the brand encourages women not to stop being sorry and instead, “Be strong and shine.”

The video has sparked many gender-related debates, while many women have admitted that they are guilty of the act and view the video as an encouraging way to kick the habit.

Earlier this year, Pantene released a video that questioned why when a woman takes charge in the workplace, she’s considered bossy, but when a man takes charge, he’s a boss? That video also went viral and led to many discussions about gender in the workplace.

It is clear that Pantene does not just produce hair care products; they are using their platform to spark conversations, create social awareness, and ultimately change the way we view certain situations.  So, as you continue about your day, ladies, don’t be sorry, “be strong and shine.”

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