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Oprah Winfrey To Start Her Own Line of Supermarket Products

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Oprah Winfrey has changed the world in multiple ways, and her latest venture might be one of her most important yet. Reported by the AP, Oprah has teamed up with food giant Kraft Heinz Co. to launch her own line of supermarket products called “O, That’s Good!” These products will mostly be refrigerated soups and side dishes.

Here’s what Oprah had to say about the new venture:

“It all started with the idea for the cauliflower mashed potatoes — the twist is really what sparked this whole idea,” Winfrey said. “I was sitting at my table in my own home and had whipped up some cauliflower, trying to make myself think I was eating mashed potatoes, but it was not working. So I thought, ‘What if I used a portion of the mashed potatoes and added the cauliflower? Then, I would have a substantive mashed potato-cauli dish.'”

Here’s what Heinz SVP Nina Barton said about the partnership:

“O, That’s Good brings together the three things the consumer really wants – great tasting food, convenience and nutrition they can feel good about,” said Nina Barton, senior vice president of marketing, innovation and research & development for the U.S. business at Kraft Heinz.

These products are expected to be available nationwide in October, and are supposed to be priced at $5 or below for each of her products.

Way to go, Oprah!

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