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Oprah Winfrey Praises Hillary Clinton, Says She’s “Shattering The Glass Ceiling For All Time”

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During a recent sit down with T.D. Jakes on his syndicated talk show, the iconic and legendary Oprah Winfrey praises our soon-to-be president, Hillary Clinton and had some remarkable things to say.

When asked about the several women in the world that continue to break barriers and make history, Oprah took a moment to declare her confidence in the outcome of the Presidential Election.

“I see that we’re about to have a woman President,” Oprah says to an applauding crowd. “When you can look at somebody who has done something like what Hillary is about to do, that is extraordinary.” She continues, “What it speaks to is what it is within yourself that can do the same. She will stand forever as this beacon of possibility for all women.”

The full 1-hour episode will premiere on Thursday, October 27th on T.D. Jakes. Check out some pictures and a short clip from the interview below.


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