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Open For Business: Melanie Marie

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Starting ones own business can be quite the task but with persistence and dedication, Melanie Marie proved that she was certainly up for the challenge. As founder and creator of The Melanie Marie Collection, the fashionista designs with the contemporary yet classy woman in mind.

“I started with handbags. I did the Showstopper bag and the Shana Satchel but it got so expensive to make the handbags starting out so I said, ‘Let me go back to what I actually love which was the accessories,” Marie shared.

With plenty of fashion role models, Melanie admits that she has learned a lot from fashion designer Tory Burch. “She’s very awesome. She has workshops for women in business, she does all these different programs where you can learn…and she’s a teacher as well. And she’s a woman billionaire!”

Following a rather non-traditional career can be intimidating, especially when it comes to sharing these plans with your parents. No matter the trial, it is always worth the triumph.

“Don’t let other peoples opinions sway you. Always keep pushing.” she explains. “You can’t give up. If you give up at any point or time, it just won’t work. You just have to keep going. If people see you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.”

Check out the full interview with Melanie Marie above to hear what’s next for her collection and more.


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