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Olivia Moody: A Bullying Case Of Self Defense or Murder?

By Posted on 109 2 m read

Olivia Moody has always been an exemplary student and individual and from an early age she understood that education was the key to success. She was entering her last year at University of Arkansas Pine Bluff as a Criminal Justice Major. Her list of achievements demonstrates the high regard she has for education. Unbeknownst to her family, Olivia was bullied for quite some time by the same group of girls, yet she persevered and continued to maintain her honor roll status, a part-time retail job, and an internship with Judge Berlin Jones.

One faithful night in June of 2011 the night in which she took the life of Vanessa Bearden in front of a crowd of onlookers in a Pine Bluff apartment complex. According to Olivias account she was fed up with being bullied and bothered by Bearden (An associate of her ex boyfriends new mate) and purchased a gun for self defense. The night of June 11th Bearden and some friends had attacked Moody and followed her home; After the attack Moody confronted the girls and pulled out a 9mm pistol that she had gotten from a friend for protection. Moody fired a single shot at the group hitting Bearden in the shoulder; Bearden later died from the single gunshot wound.

After being arrested Olivia Moody’s family and friends raised 10k for her defense and to help Moody finish school (She graduated in May with a 3.6 GPA and a degree in Criminal Justice). Moody was sentenced a week after her graduation to 30 Years in a Arkansas prison where he daily routine is picking Okra and other random vegetables no different then the cotton her grandmother had picked years ago.

Do you think that this is a case of self defense or a premeditated murder?


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