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An Ode To All The “Mompreneurs” This Mother’s Day

By Posted on 7 2 m read

A mompreneur is a mother and entrepreneur dealing with the aspect of raising children, maintaining giving their kids emotional support, and balancing the switch of being a savy entrepreneur in a male dominated world. All while being a loving mother, perhaps in the same breath.

Before I had my daughter, I was an entrepreneur. I put my all into my business and did whatever it took to accomplish my goals. After becoming a mom, my drive went through the roof. I launched a new business and a blog. For some mompreneurs, starting a business is a means of creating a better life for their kids; for others, the kids themselves inspired the business idea. I was one of the inspired ones since the next businesses I launched were geared about babies and moms.

I used to wonder what my true purpose was. Friends and family told me I was crazy for even thinking that because I have always helped so many people. After a few months with my daughter, I knew my purpose was to be an awesome mom. My daughter has opened my eyes to so many things. I now can relate to mothers all around the world. I’ve become more inspired to help mothers that have goals to be an entrepreneurs but don’t have the resources. I love everything about being a mom and it has sharpened my skills more and I feel it has made me a better entrepreneur.

A Mompreneur is a visionary, a fiery, dedicated, multi-tasking, innovative creator. She knows how to listen with compassion, lead with strength and play with her imagination. Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow Mompreneurs! – Melanie Marie


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