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#ObamaAndKids Will Make Your Heart Melt

By Posted on 1 1 m read

As President Barack Obama’s term is coming to expiry, you can’t help but to feel pretty heartsick. History was made when the Obama family took over the White House, and regardless of anyone’s feelings towards that, you have to admit that a great impact was made. The most favorable and most congenial president we’ve ever had will no longer call the shots and we just hope to have someone as awesome as he and the First Lady in office in the future.

Political advisor to Russell Simmons and activist, Michael Skolnik get’s nostalgic via Twitter as he creates the #obamaandkids hashtag in effort to display some of the best photographs of our president hanging out with children.

Hold on to your hearts and check out some of the images below. – Evie Blanco



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