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North Carolina Barber Promises 9-Year Old Free Haircuts For Good Grades

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Talk about an incentive.

North Carolina barber Mike Shelton has done something amazing for 9-year old Kamarian Fox. Shelton has offered to give Kamarian free haircuts for life in return for one simple task — get good grades.

Shelton took a special interest in “Kam” despite having tons of kids come in and out of his shop. “I could tell for his age he was super mature and he was a great dude,” Shelton tells the Gaston Gazette. So, the now-famous barber has promised to give Kam his free haircuts forever as long as he kept his good grades up.

“I knew it would be deeper than just cutting people’s hair,” Shelton said. “You can impact their lives for that 30 minutes and inspire them to leave through those doors and do something great.”

Just the other day, Kam walked in with his straight-A report card and told Mike, “I’m here for my free haircut,” with a big ole smile on his face. The barber told him, “Brother, you’re a VIP today,” and took him to the front of the line. It’s the little things.

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