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New York City Launches Initiative to help 5,000 Women Entrepreneurs Launch Businesses

By Posted on 1 1 m read

The city of New York wholeheartedly understands the obstacles faced by women that are working toward owning their own businesses. Women entrepreneurs are a thriving force in our economy and the Women Entrepreneurs New York City (WENY) initiative aims to help women grow their business in New York City.

On their website, WE NYC shares that their primary goal is, “…to serve 5,000 women entrepreneurs and small business owners over the next three years with free tailored business services.” By doing so, the organization will provide countless business resources and opportunities for women to turn dreams into reality and turn plans into action.

In an interview with Fast Company, Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen shared, “For us, it’s really exciting to have the city of New York, for the first time, take a look at all of the different opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs face, and put a gender lens on it. . . . The fact that women-owned businesses are growing so fast means that we know there are really smart, hungry, ambitious women out there, so we don’t have a talent or a drive problem. The problem is somewhere else in the widget. Something else is not working. There’s a market failure, and this is where government should and can intervene and have the highest impact.”

Head over to the Women Entrepreneur New York City website for further information and to find out how you can get in on all the fun.


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