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New Lyric Video For Pharrell’s “Happy” Offering For @DespicableMe 2 + Full Soundtrack Now Available

With July 3 swiftly approaching, we’re keeping our eyes focused on all things Despicable Me! In case you didn’t know we’re running a Despicable Me 2 contest with some really cool giveaways that you can read all about right here. 

In keeping with his great creative partnership Pharrell, who was responsible for the soundtrack on the first Despicable Me, has penned another song entitled Happy that will be featured in the sequel Despicable Me 2. Check out the song and lyric video that’s now on Vevo below!

Also if you’re wondering just how this collaboration came about with Pharrell and the Despicable Me franchise (like we were) be sure to watch the featurette called The Songs of Pharrell where he discusses that relationship and more. Also, if you’re as excited about the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack as we are, be sure to head over to iTunes or Amazon to get your copy today! Our contest ends June 29 and Despicable Me 2 hits theaters July 3!!


2 Comments New Lyric Video For Pharrell’s “Happy” Offering For @DespicableMe 2 + Full Soundtrack Now Available

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