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New Documentary “In Search of the Black Knight” Takes a Light-Hearted Look at Black Relationships @BlackKnightDoc

By Posted on 1 2 m read

Dating and relationships within the Black community have become an increasingly hot button issue within recent years. With Tyler Perry exploiting/exploring just about every dynamic within the culture of the Black family, to Steve Harvey’s best-seller and box office smash Think Like A Man, the coverage seems to be never-ending. With his new documentary, filmmaker Tamarat Makonnen takes a new, light-hearted but necessary approach to analyzing how African-American men and women are interacting with each other in 2013.poster_web

In the trailer which you can view below, the FIRST question asked is how long a woman should wait for a man to commit, and the answer given was….*drum roll*….seven years. Completely outlandish, and I’m sure an explanation will follow in the full-length movie, however this immediately grabbed our attention. The trailer then goes on to interview various women and what exactly they’re looking for in a man but does so in a way that shows the varied, and often times, conflicting sets of qualities that are women see as commodities. But it doesn’t stop there! Where the trailer wins at keeping my attention is how it alludes to looking at the underlying causes behind the current state of affairs with Black dating, and addresses topics such as the disproportionate numbers of Black women versus Black men enrolled in institutes for higher education; then goes even further by addressing the commonality of families being matriarchal as opposed to patriarchal and how that feeds a lot of what we see today in our adult life. In Search of the Black Knight is described as combining professional advice, street interviews and sketch comedy; this humorous and thought-provoking film will have you rethinking what you assumed about the opposite sex. For more info check their webpage here and there Facebook page where you can see where In Search of the Black Knight will be playing near you.


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