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Ne-Yo Invests $2.3 Million In This Coding School To Help Black People Get Tech Jobs

By Posted on 1 2 m read

Diversity in tech continues to grow, with Google opening their Howard West Campus and more minorities discovering that STEM is indeed a suitable career option for them. Songwriter, producer and R&B phenomenon Ne-Yo is making his first move into the tech industry with an investment of $2.3 million to Holberton School for full-stack software engineers. As an engineer himself, Ne-Yo told Business Insider recently, “Tech is not a realistic career for people who came up like me. It’s more realistic to do what I do, be a singer or be in the NBA.”

Holberton is a unique coding school that does not charge tuition. Free education? We are all the way here for this. Students can earn a free education in coding if they agree to give the school 17% of their salary for three years after they get a job. Sounds like a deal considering the fact that a career in coding promises a salary of $40,000 to $120,000 and we must add that Holberton’s current class is 40% women, and 53% people of color

“I just love the fact of what they’re doing with the school. They’re making it easier for underrepresented people in the world of tech. They’re giving them a platform and access to this knowledge that they probably wouldn’t get otherwise.” – Ne-Yo via Tech Crunch

Ne-Yo hopes to impact and push diversity at Holberton even higher.

 “I’m definitely going to be hands on … this is not, ‘Oh, let me attach my name to something.’ This is something that I’m genuinely passionate about. Tech is changing by the second, so it makes sense to get the people that live in the world to be part of this thing that’s changing it, as opposed to just this one group of people.” – Ne-Yo

Kudos to Ne-Yo for stepping outside of his own career box and investing into the lives of minorities in the tech industry!


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