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#NationalStressAwarenessDay: 5 Unconventional Ways To De-Stress On A Daily Basis

By Posted on 0 3 m read

Have you ever found yourself in a position where nothing seems to be going the way you planned? Your to-do list is unbearable and seems as though it is as long as both testaments in the bible? Deadlines are approaching swiftly and all you want to do is scream or take a couple shots of Hennessy to the head?

I’m sure you get the picture because we have all been there, and even though most of us stress or think about stress every day, today (11/2) is #NationalStressAwarenessDay.

First things first, stress is not necessarily a bad thing. If human beings didn’t have the ability to feel stress we would not have been able to survive in the cave man days. Shockingly there is beauty and light in everything, even something as negative as stress.

Life can get ill and insane but we have the power to control the way that we feel and live a full non-stressful happy life. If you find yourself getting stressed throughout the day or from an unfortunate situation you have the power to change those feelings, here are 5 unconventional ways to de-stress on a daily basis:

1.FREESTYLE: Write a rhyme and bust an intense freestyle about everything that is stressing you out like Issa Rae from the hit HBO series “Insecure”. Writing and poetry is a great form of expression and a great healer.


2. ADULT COLORING BOOKS: Who said coloring books were just for kids? You don’t have to be Andy Warhol to use art as an outlet, and adult coloring books help to zone in and focus on a beautiful task. While you’re coloring your masterpiece everything that you are stressing about flys out of the window and once you’re done you will feel amazing about what you have created! #artheals

3. DEACTIVATE & DISCONNECT: All of your stress factors can probably be found somewhere on your cell phone because we essentially live through our phone in the modern day. Work problems, family problems, friend problems, and even financial problems have the ability to taunt and haunt us via a mobile device 24/7. We are constantly connected to others and always available, sometimes we should disconnect to refresh and restart. Try leaving your phone at home for the day or step away from it for a couple of hours once a week. Being still and having a clear mind with no distractions will help you figure out your problems and truly think from within without any additives.


4) GUM: Chew gum, and lots of it all day. Chewing gum increases alertness and blood flow in the brain. You’ll be winning all day with fresh breath and a fresh mind.


5. AROMATHERAPY: Have you ever smelt flowers or another lovely scent and instantly felt joyous? That is aromatherapy, and FYI the smell of yummy food doesn’t necessarily go into this category, although food brings comfort which can also temporarily relieve stress or anxiety but not in a positive way. Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.


An easy and fun way to use aromatherapy is to purchase a small bottle of your favorite scent lavender and peppermint are our favorites and are known for promoting relaxation and healing. Remember to keep the bottle somewhere accessible so that you can quickly grab it before a stressful moment or wear it every day and be a couple of steps ahead! Dab the oil on your wrist and rub it in, occasionally sniff your wrist and inhale the aroma throughout the day. You might look a little sketch to your co-workers because sniffing your wrist in public is kind of odd but it is all worth it. The aroma stimulates brain function and can also be absorbed through the skin and promote whole-body healing.




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