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Natina Nimene Promoted To Vice President, Urban Promotion, for Def Jam

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The Urban Promotions will be in good hands while Natina and new Senior Vice President, Bill Evans, are on board.

Natina Nimene was only working as the Northeast Director for Def Jam for two years before getting promoted to the National Director. Her work to continue to climb the corporate latter has finally paid off now that she’s the new Vice President.

Executive Vice President of Urban Promotions Rodney Shealey boasted in his announcement how “proud” he was to have them on their team. His statement said:

“They have both been an integral part of the success of this promotion team and Def Jam as a whole. Their commitment to Def Jam’s artists, culture, and the radio community is unparalleled.”

Ms. Nimene also expressed her excitement of “working with the best promotion team in the business.”

“I am proud…to contribute to the tradition of Def Jam’s legacy of culturally defining music.  I started my career 11 years ago with Rodney Shealey, so this opportunity is reflective of his mentorship and leadership.”

Congratulations, Natina!


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