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Naomi Campbell Let’s Us Into Her World With Her New YouTube Channel, “Being Naomi”

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Naomi Campbell has had a busy couple of years. She got a new position as Vogue Magazine’s Contributing Editor, she recently switched modeling agencies, landed re-occurring roles on TV shows and participated in prominent model campaigns. It’s safe to say the supermodel is booked and busy. Now Campbell plans on documenting parts of her life via her new YouTube channel, “Being Naomi“.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what life was like for the model extraordinaire, you’ll get an inside glimpse of her travels, work-life, and down time with friends and family. Last Thursday, Campbell posted a video to her channel introducing the new series. “I’ve been a supermodel, I’ve been an activist, I’ve been a friend of the most amazing people in my lifetime. I’ve been criticized and I’ve been praised. But through all of this, I’ve always remained  Naomi,” she said.

Through Campbell’s YouTube channel, we’ll get to see the part of her that wants to change the world through philanthropy and advocacy. She currently has three videos up and two of them are highlighting Nelson Mandela and the Global Citizen concert in South Africa.


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