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#MyNYPD Twitter Campaign Fails Miserably

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Social media can be a very cruel playing field. Once a conversation is sparked you have to brace yourselves for whatever comes next, the good, bad and very ugly. The New York Police Department learned this lesson the hard way after an seemingly harmless Twitter campaign turned into a complete bash fest.

Yesterday (April 22), the NYPD announced the campaign enlisting the has tag #MyNYPD probing individuals to snap a flick with a smiling officer. Instead of a string of smiling faces, Twitter was instantly filled with a timeline full of photos exposing police brutality.

Twitter users uploaded pictures of police violently breaking up protests, exposing the controversial “Stop And Frisk” and enlisted plenty of witty captions to all photos all while using the hashtag. Check out the following pages for some of the most tweeted pictures.


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