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[Video]MSNBC’S Melissa Harris-Perry Sets the Record Straight on the REAL Harlem Shake

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The Harlem Shake has slowly become a hot button issue amongst supporters of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and members of hip-hop culture and the Harlem communities it originated. This new internet meme, jumpstarted by Diplo and Bauer, has everyone all over the world submitting their versions of the “new” Harlem Shake to youtube and has garnered attention all the way up to Pepsi featuring it in a commercial during the most watched television event in the history of programming, Super Bowl XLVII.

While there have been murmurs and unrest amongst us common folk for some time (spurring Power105.1’s Breakfast Club members Charlamagne The God and DJ Envy to take it upon themselves to set the record straight) MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry took airtime to publicly announce the very grievances those of us feel that have seen what the real Harlem Shake looks like. As explained in her video it’s about cultural appropriation and respecting the integrity of the original work WITHIN your creative interpretation. Check out her video and try your hardest not to slam your hands on the table and yell “Damn, right!” afterwards!

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