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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love Wine & Champagne

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With Mother’s Day now less than two weeks away, there’s not much time left to decide on a gift to give the phenomenal and prominent women in your life. And even with a ton of resources and gift guides available online, searching for the perfect gift can still be an overwhelming process. In this specific blog post, I wanted to zero in on a specific kind of mom and that is one who loves wine and champagne!

My social media timelines are filled with moms who often post pictures of their highly anticipated evening glasses with captions like, “Mommy’s evening drink,” “Mommy juice,” or hilariously enough, “Just give me a straw.”

If you’re looking to step away from the traditional Mother’s Day gifts like flowers and cards this year, you’ve come to the right place. And if you love wine as much as I do, you may even throw a few things in the basket for yourself!

Wine Glasses

Searching for wine glasses or champagne flutes should not be difficult at all as they are typically available at any store that sells wine or drinkware. We can’t drink wine without our wine glasses, right? Well, I mean we could, but would you really want to?

 Bottle of Wine + Stoppers

I can tell you, no one has given the gift of wine more than me. Whether birthdays, holidays, or celebratory events, I’ve come to enjoy giving wine as a gift almost as much as the recipient enjoys receiving it. Also, don’t hesitate to throw a pack of stoppers in the bag. They are greatly appreciated!


If you know a mother who loves to entertain, a decanter just may be a great idea. It is said that decanters allow wine (particularly older wine) to separate from its sediment and when mixed with oxygen, makes the wine taste better!

Cheese Tray

Wine and cheese is a delicious combination, so I thought adding a cheese tray to the list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day was a nice touch, particularly this marble and copper cheese tray from West Elm.

For more ideas on Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love wine and champagne, visit!


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