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Miss KSU, Dorian Wright, Fosters Leadership And Tradition At Her HBCU


Campus queens reign at historically black colleges and universities goes beyond pageantry. HBCU queens are not only the face of the institution yet serve an entire school year carrying out their platform and pushing their universities toward excellence.  At Kentucky State University a land-grant HBCU Frankfort, KY, the narrative does not shift.  The 88th Miss KSU Dorian Wright radiates black girl magic as a driven student, dedicated mother and campus leader. 

Originally from Indianapolis, running for Miss KSU almost came naturally. “I’ve always been a leader on campus, Ive held executive positions in the student government association as well as other organizations and I️ felt as if it was my obligation to ‘level up.’”says Wright.  A leader since her freshman year, Wright was able to translate those skills into queendom.  Using her leadership position as more than just a title, Dorian Wright has encouraged sisterhood and growth among the thorobred women of KSU.

“I have been promoting growth amongst my fellow Thorobred ladies through my platform, “Under Pressure We Create Black Diamonds… We are black diamonds not only because of the melanin in our beautiful skin but because of the historical value associated with the black diamond. We are rare, we are strong, we are adamant, we are resilient, we are the original state of the outcome of the sparkly diamond, we can NOT be broken.”

Her support of women across campus goes beyond her empowering message. Dorian Wright hopes to serve as an indication of the importance of culture and tradition at not only Kentucky State University yet HBCUs across the country.

“Campus Queens are as important as us Queens make them out to be. To be a Queen is to be real, relatable, and reliable. To be a Queen is to never forget where you come from and to always embrace who God is grooming you to be…HBCU Queens are friendly reminders to all black women what it looks like to be collegiate, black and strong”

Wright, whose grandparents met and graduated from the illustrious Kentucky State University played a significant role in her desire to not only represent her institution but her family as Miss KSU. Very aware that the royal lineage does not begin nor end with her administration, Wright takes her platform seriously as a role model for future campus queens, including her infant daughter.

“I️ see how closely she pays attention to her mommy queenin’ with and without the physical crown. I love to see her point and scream, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” And what’s even more amazing is to see her point to other beautiful black women in magazines and again she screams, ‘Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!’ [Lol] although it’s not me in the magazine, I feel more than accomplished because I know I’m teaching my daughter self love and love for her own culture.”

Honored to serve as the 88th Miss Kentucky State University, Dorian Wright credits her ability to lead and serve as a testament of her drive and faith.

“With all the adversities I had witnessed/ overcome in my short, now 23 years, I knew it was time for me to work for God. It was time for me to be courageous enough to be that living testimony of growth, strength and courage. I needed to put myself in a position where I could motivate and uplift others. I’ve always known my capabilities but to see God’s work come into fruition through this platform has been amazing.

Dorian Wright plans to continue reigning supreme beyond her regime as Miss KSU. Post-grad, she plans to continue organizing events that provide a platform for African American children and adults, guiding others on finding their inner diamond.




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