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Michaela Coel Is Making It Her Mission To Celebrate The Beauty Of Dark Skin

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Michaela Coel, creative genius behind award winning series Chewing Gum takes black girl magic to the next level. During a recent interview with W magazine, Coel dishes on her everything her fans may want to know. Her bashful nature shined as the British starlet discusses past work in season three and her role as a space crew member in the fourth season of Black Mirror,  her current favorite artists and television shows, who she follows on Instagram and a hint at the creation of Chewing Gum season three.  

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 14: Michaela Coel poses in the Winner’s room at the Virgin TV BAFTA Television Awards at The Royal Festival Hall on May 14, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Coel plays the role of Shania, a character based on Star Trek’s, Nyota Uhura, originally played by Nichelle NIchols on television and by Zoe Saldana on film. Coel played alongside a group traveling through space venturing through planets and galaxies. Although she had not previously been a fan of Star Trek, her character allowed her to channel a new genre of acting.  One of her next projects may even be another sci-fi creation.

Michaela Coel has been vocal about representing and celebrating black women throughout her career. As a darker skinned black woman, Coel realized that many of the people she idolized did not look like her. She decided to follow an influx of darker skinned black woman, such as Naomi Campbell,  on Instagram to reinforce a sense of self pleasure. Coel who is a Libra, enjoys Ari Lennox hinted to changing her writing style for Chewing Gum season three. Previously, she has written the entire show solo, yet this round a team of writers will tackle the shenanigans of Tracey and her London neighbors.


Read the entire interview here.


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