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Meet Nadia Lopez, The Principal Changing Education For Mott Hall Bridges Academy In Brooklyn

By Posted on 1 4 m read

Since Mott Hall Bridges Academy opened 7 years ago, what has been the most fulfilling, and most challenging moment?

Dr. Nadia Lopez: The most fulfilling moments have been without a doubt every year during graduation. Seeing the graduates walk across stage and for some of them, they’ll be the first ones in their family to walk across the stage. That can also be heart breaking because middle school shouldn’t be a milestone in terms of graduation, but the reality is that it is.

The challenges continue to be resources. The kids do this work alone and often times, it feels isolating. If they don’t have people who provide them with options then they won’t want to strive for more, and we can see that a huge lack of resources. But there are those people who donate their time, lend a helping hand and make an impact in these kids lives.

On August 30th, you published your first book, The Bridge To Brilliance, tell us more about that?

Dr. Nadia Lopez: Yes, The Bridge To Brilliance goes in-dept of what it takes to run a school in a high needs neighborhood today, from the demands of the students, parents and staff to the school’s focus on both academic and social development.

I not only detail the founding, struggles, and successes of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, but I tell the story of the brilliant children in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

To learn much more about Dr. Nadia Lopez or about Mott Hall Bridges Academy, visit their website, Twitter, or Facebook.


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