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Meet Kyleigh McGee, a 7-year-old Entrepreneur Running Her Own Food Truck

By Posted on 0 2 m read

We all love a good food truck with authentic and unique food. Supporting local businesses is the new wave and young entrepreneurs have been killing the game lately. Kyleigh McGee from Little Rock Arkansas is the newest kid business owner on the block, with her yummy food truck.

McGee began her entrepreneurial career with a lemonade stand in her grandparent’s backyard just last year. Like the savvy business owner that she is, Kyleigh used her earnings to expand and make her lemonade stand mobile.

“We had a lemonade stand in my grandparents’ backyard and we started to make a lot of money with it,” said McGee, via ABC News. “So I thought why don’t we have a lemonade stand to bring to events?”

The lemonade stand has now expanded and includes ice cream and snacks. The most popular item on the menu is the pineapple snow cones, where the snow cones are filled with a hollowed-out pineapple.

McGee’s mother says that her business venture is not only making her money but it is “teaching her responsibilities” such as “how to save and how to count money” at a very young age.

Williams loves being her own boss and serving people food but she says her dreams don’t stop here, she has a wide range of interests that include being a doctor, singer, tennis player, or a teacher! (Go girl, live your best life!)

McGee’s story can serve as an inspiration for us all. Being an entrepreneur isn’t as complicated as we all think, just start, be consistent, and expand!

As for Kyleigh McGee’s selling tagline? It’s simple: “You can come downtown and look at it yourself, and get some nice food.”



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