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Interview: Meet Ex-Con Turned Praised Writer, Shaka Senghor

By Posted on 26 6 m read

From the promising age of 19, Shaka Senghor experienced things many can only imagine. He ran away from his abusive household, sold drugs on the mean streets of Detroit, and went to jail for second-degree murder.

While his dreams of exploring the medical field in a career as a doctor were dashed, Shaka’s life was still only beginning. He fought through his hard times in solitary confinement by finding refuge in hip-hop music and literature.

Fast forward to today and Senghor is a free man whose book “Writing My Wrongs” has been featured on high profile networks, like CNN, led him to do motivational speeches for millions of eager listeners, and allowed him the opportunity to meet a fan of his book, Oprah Winfrey.

Now as a father and humble inspiration, Shaka Senghor’s goal is to “lead and build to a better tomorrow.”

Learn more about the author in our exclusive interview on the next page!


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