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Meagan & La’Myia Good Talk The Greater Good Foundation & Limited Edition #DefendGoodGirl Flannel Collection

By Posted on 1 4 m read

What inspired the idea to create The Greater Good Foundation?

Meagan Good: My sister and I have always had a heart for young women, and giving back. We know how hard it is to be a girl in today’s society, and we wanted to create a foundation for young girls and women, where they could have support, mentoring, and the information to know that they are capable of anything they set their minds to.

Within the foundation, you have the art program called MUSICATION, can you explain what MUSICATION is?

Meagan Good: Yes, together we implement a curriculum that’s in line with Common Core standards, and we are currently running programming in the Compton Unified School District, where we teach kids as well as mentor them. All of our teachers are trained with not just pre-existing abilities to teach math, history, science, and additional subjects; but they have the freedom to teach in creative ways, in order to keep the students actively engaged.

We were always creative kids growing up, hence the reason why we got into the entertainment industry. Growing up, we weren’t the most book smart, which is always attainable, but we artistically expressed ourselves. When we were taught in a creative way, we excelled greatly.

A lot of these kids just need outlets to express themselves mentally and emotionally, and when that environment is created, they are able to learn better. This excitement allows them to figure out how they can apply their learning to the things that they desire to pursue in life. We are directly involved on the ground level. We’ve taught classes before, and we visit the school as often as we can to mentor and provide hands-on activities.

You recently joined forces with the Defend Paris apparel line to create the limited edition “Defend Good Girl” flannel collection, tell us more about that?

Meagan Good: This is exciting because my sister and I are very much into fashion. When we both think about fashion, we think not trying too hard; making it effortless, fun, and simple, and the Defend Good Girl collection is a full line of comfort-wear from cute flannel shirts, to sweaters, and hats.

With the flannel, my sister and I have been wearing them one way or another for the past 20-something years, and with the younger generation bringing back that trend, we thought why not create the perfect flannel and make is stand for something. Which is where the phrase “Defend Good Girl” comes in; a lot of these young girls are being consumed with the “Hollywood image” of having to look a certain way to feel pretty, to get a certain guy, or to have people except them, but we let them know that that is not the case.

Anyone interested in purchasing their own Defend Good Girl flannel can visit and all the proceeds go back to our foundation to help us continue growing as a platform to help the new generation and young women all over the world.


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