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Interview: DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good Share the Key to Real Love in ‘The Wait’

By Posted on 6 8 m read

An interesting concept was celibacy working for “mastering delayed gratification.” What do you mean in the sense of that concept?

Meagan: Basically, with abstinence you are choosing not to have sex for a time or a particular reason in hopes it will help the relationship start off on a better foot or whatever it may be. With celibacy there is a spiritual reason behind it. It’s you committing to wanting more for yourself. Like DeVon said it’s taking the power back and setting yourself up for the thing you really desire. Being in touch with God and being able to communicate with God as you move forward and have discernment and clarity and achieve the things what you really want in life.

For people who challenge the idea of celibacy, what is your ay to challenge them to pick up the book and give a different thought to it?

DeVon: If you are unhappy in your love life and you know there is a better way, better life, better love, better relationship, that you have been dating in the same way and keep getting the same result, now is the time to do something different and to be open minded. I think when anyone reads The Wait that there are things in the book, whether they decide to subscribe to the full practice, that’s between them and God, that will help anyone navigate a better life, a better love life. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We feel this is a practice that will help you do something different and get the best result.


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