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Interview: DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good Share the Key to Real Love in ‘The Wait’

By Posted on 6 8 m read

For those unfamiliar with your relationship, how did you two meet?

Meagan: DeVo and I met on a general meeting almost 10 years ago now. He saw this little film that I produced called Miles from Home and thought I did a great job in it and my manager set up a meeting. We connected over just wanting to use that platform and wanting to do something more with it and just being Christians. Over the years I would see him at different events and I always thought he was really cute but I was always in a relationship. I was just like that is the guy that gives you the job. Cut to Jumping the Broom some years later and I really got the chance to know him a little bit later when we were down in Nova Scotia, it was strictly platonic, but we got a chance to get to know each other. I just thought like, wow that’s the guy I wish I could marry, he just has the heart for God, a really good person, so much humility and really wants more in life. Cut to nine months later we were dating.

DeVon: It’s amazing cause as an executive when her and I met I never had any intention of anything. Once we did Jumping the Broom we struck up a friendship and I had no idea that 9 months later we would be pretty much going on our first date. It was unbelievable.

You said you knew his heart was after God, but did you know of his wish to remain celibate until marriage before you guys started to date?

Meagan: Actually no. I came back from Nova Scotia and I was out of the relationship I was in cause it was just time. I was praying about what was next in life and what I needed to work on and needing to deal with things I had been through in the past. In that quiet time, that prayer time God told me that DeVon was my husband. Mind you I think I hadn’t spoke to DeVon at all since Nova Scotia and I was like Lord what do you want me to do? He said nothing just work on yourself. So I spent the next nine months really working on myself and deciding to become celibate and also speaking what I believe to close friends. I was talking to Tasha Smith and I said, “Guess what? God told me DeVon was my husband.” And she asked did you I know he’s in ministry and I didn’t, and if I had I known that I would probably be scared of it. She was like you also know he is celibate and I was like so am I. It was more confirmation what I was doing and the direction I was going was what God had for me. When we came together the conversation was easy because we both knew what each other wanted.

That conversation, were either of you apprehensive to dive into that subject?

DeVon: I didn’t have any apprehension, not on my side. I was already practicing it and it was something I was very committed to and if anything it was a good thing to bring it up because it would let me know if she was meant to be for me. It was better to know now than go in under false pretenses and assumptions of what it’s going to be and finding out much later we weren’t on the same page.

Meagan: For me it was exciting cause I knew that it was going to be different this time around than I ever experienced in a relationship cause I’m doing something different. Because of that we got to know each other in a way that a lot of people don’t get to know each other until four or five years down the line and find out that’s not the person the way to be with because if they would have known these things sooner they would have made a different choice.


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