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MC Lyte Awards Student $50,000 Scholarship To Assist With College Costs

By Posted on 1 1 m read

College is expensive and nearly impossible to fund without assistance. There are plenty of grants, scholarships and financial aid but sometimes those options don’t cover all of the costs.

Last week on The Steve Harvey Show , MC Lyte changed a student and his families life.  Cortney Rhodes, whom is a graduate of Steve Harvey’s mentoring program, received a huge blessing.

Rhodes was awarded a $50,000 scholarship from the HipHop Sisters Network’s ongoing scholarship fun called #EducateOurMen. MC Lyte also granted him admission to Dillard University where she sits on the board of Trustees.

Luckily, for Rhodes his dream of studying in New Orleans came true and the scholarship made it a reality!.


Check out this emotional video of him being awarded on The Steve Harvey Show:


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