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Mary J. Covers LA Confidential Mag | Speaks on Life, Forgiveness and New Role as Betty Shabazz

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Mary J. Blige recently sat down with Kevin Sessums of LA Confidential for an intimate and pretty heavy interview spanning her life, her music career and how the two have seemingly intertwined as one.

In reading the interview (here it is) we get a perspective we haven’t gotten often from Mary J. and that’s reflection on her past and how it’s affected her to this point. By now we’re all aware of the many demons that Mary has had to face, from being molested at the age of 5, to physically and emotionally abusive relationships, the drugs and alcohol abuse and even just the task of battling yourself daily. Mary J. speaks to this as being the source behind the soul that we’ve all come to know and love; the distinguishing characteristic that colors her voice with emotion we can all feel and relate to whether or not we were personally someone’s lover and secretary.

Towards the end of the interview, Kevin does a great job of interlinking the movie role of Betty Shabazz (the late widow of Civil Rights Icon Malcom X) , Mary’s struggles and growth, and how the two mirror each other, and one thing that stood out is Mary’s candid admission that now, at 42, is she just getting to a point where she’s actively forgiving herself. Not to detract from the topic at hand, but here at Live Civil we are constantly seeking positive variables to introduce into the lives of ourselves and our readers, and this is absolutely one of them. Often times, when going through things, we’re much harder on ourselves than life or others are on us, especially depending on the consequences. So hard even, that we forget to forgive ourselves, and this is often the biggest step towards growth and recovery. In order to fully be at peace with a bad situation, be it self-inflicted or you’re the victim, you not only have to forgive the aggressor, but you have to be strong enough to forgive yourself and move forward. Otherwise, as Mary also mentioned in the interview, you began to be a prisoner to yourself, constantly punishing yourself and beating yourself up for things that have long since fell away. And as I’m sure all of you can attest, no one is harder on us than we are on ourselves.

This was a great read, and the pictures of Mary were nothing less than stunning. Even at my young age I’m thankful to have been alive long enough to be able to appreciate the progress Mary has made and the strength she has grown into. When so many of my favorite celebrities are succumbing to the pressures and trap falls of Hollywood/fame, its so encouraging to see someone who’s had it just as bad but was able to make it to the other side. We love you Mary, and continue being a beacon and shining example of strength for all of us watching.


Live Civil.


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