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Marsai Martin & Skai Jackson Link Up For New Comedy Skit

By Posted on 0 2 m read

We’ve quickly fallen in love with the adorable Black-ish actress Marsai Martin, and Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. These two young women are the young black kid actresses of our time who are always speaking up for what is right and being a positive influence on our youth.

Since the beginning of time, black actresses have been placed in the same categories and often mistaken for their peer’s. The veteran actress, Gabrielle Union has mentioned being called Sanaa Lathan by an executive at her agency in the past. Similar to the Hidden-Fences controversy, the idea that movies and TV shows centered in blackness are lumped together consciously as the “other”.

Marsai Martin and Skai Jackson caught themselves in a similar situation when a fan ran up to Marsai for a picture and called her Skai Jackson! In an interview with Vulture, Marsai shared her thoughts on the situation, admitting that she was excited to be recognized by a fan until she was mistaken for Skai Jackson.

“That made me realize I want people to know me as who I am. I don’t want people to call me Marsie or Marshay. ‘Cause I don’t really know who the heck that is. That’s not me. I’m not turning around to take a picture with you. But I want people to know me, and see me, for who I am and not for black-ish or anything like that. That’s what makes me want to be a legend.”

– Marsai Jackson via VULTURE

Instead of creating a problem or ignoring the fact that the two actresses are being mistaken for one another, they decided to flip it and make it positive. Marsai Martin and Skai Jackson got together to create some comedic #blackgirlmagic with a skit. This looks like only the beginning for the two of them making magic together, we can not wait to see what else these dolls have up of their sleeve!

Check out the skit below:


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