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Man Kills Teen After Luring Her Via Facebook

By Posted on 1 1 m read

A 30 year old Texas man is under arrest for luring and murdering a teenage girl that was set to testify against him in a rape trial.

Franklin Davis 30, confessed to the murder of Shania Gray 16, after being arrested on a unrelated charge. Davis was arrested in 2010 after Gray had accused him of raping her after she watched his two children. Davis was later charged with 4 counts of sexual abuse which he was to stand trial for this month.

Davis created a fake Facebook account and interacted with Gray and pretended to be a mutual teenage friend after weeks of talking Gray finally agreed to meet up with her “friend” after which Davis drove her to a nearby park and killed her.

This is one of the reason I implore parents to keep an eye on their children’s social network dealings. Had someone kept an eye on the situation or maybe even checked in on who she communicated with then maybe she’d be alive.

Do you think the courts should have done more to keep him away from Shania Gray? Should her parents have monitored her moves better especially with the testimony lingering? Has our judicial system failed Shania?


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