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Luka Sabbat X Related Garments Give Back To Haiti

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Connection that go beyond the bloodlines. Collaborations that aspire to create change should be predicate upon change itself, a continuous evolution, a passing down of foundations on which future success may be built.

Luka Sabbat and his father Clark Sabbat visited Haiti to reunite with family with hope so sharing some inspiration with a community still rebuilding. In collaboration with RELATED GARMENTS the team designed a special collection of mens and women intimate apparel. 

The ‘x’ in ‘Sabbat x Related’ means more than marketing, or the causal exchanging of design ideas. For Clark, it means nostalgia and the unbreakable bond of family. For Luka, it means paying homage. For Mike and David, it means extending the brotherhood of their brand beyond bloodlines.

For Luka,  “The project was a powerful way to help—to go back to see where his family comes from and who he is, and also to actually give back in a meaningful way.” (HELP provides merit- and need-based scholarships for children.) And though a pair of socks or underwear may seem inconsequential, both Sabbats understand that little things can make a big difference. “You’re not going to see underwear per se—it’s so personal, you wear it under your clothes—but it’s good to know that part of your money is going to charity,” says Luka. “People spend so much on useless stuff—but when you give back, [even] if it’s small, it adds up.”


Luka and the team visited HELP, an organization that seeks Haiti’s brightest, and pays for their college education. HELP has an 85% success rate, where those that graduate, go on to work as engineers, agronomist and more. Rebuilding the country on brain at a time.

The team also visited EMI, an organization teaching Haitians how to speak english. This mastery of english will provide more opportunities for Haitians. The team visited multiple programs to decide who they would eventually partner with. On this particular visit to the Ecole Nouvelle Zorange, Luka’s connection with the kids evolved into a full soccer match. Before the match the team visited the grounds and passed out socks to many a bare feet.

“As a way to effect change we chose HELP as our charity of choice. 12% of net proceeds will be donated to HELP. We believe building a strong educational foundation will be the best way HAITI will have the leaders and the thinkers it needs to progress into the 21st century.”


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