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Love The Way You Lie [New Age Pillow Talk]

By Posted on 17 2 m read

"pillow talk"

Love is both the most forgotten and most chased-after feeling in the world.  While many experience it through friends and family, the ultimate satisfaction comes from being in love.  People are willing to sacrifice many things for it, though today it seems that less people are more into pushing it aside, than openly embracing it at a young age.  As the age increases for likelihood of marriage and commitment, the new challenge is learning how to balance life and the pursuit of love.

Long distance couples are the most relative examples of balancing life and love.  Most long distance partners have chosen the decision to chase their dreams, while also choosing to pursue their love for one another.  While many simply decide to let go, these couples have taken the route of the bravest decision of heart and mind.  And though it’s still not easy, today’s new technology could ease the pain, if you let it.

The most important aspect of building relationships is communication.  And according to AskMen, couples who talk in bed experience the happiest relationships.  While 1959’s movie “Pillow Talk” utilized the use of telephones–and are obviously still good choices for today–there are other great choices available for the distanced lovers in 2012.

Skype is the most popular utility, connecting family, friends and lovers from all over the world; continent to continent, state to state.  It’s easy access on telephones, desktops and laptops, so it’s virtually available anywhere.

Youtube and Google Plus’ new joint feature allows you to view youtube videos and movies at the same time.  This could make for great conversation and the comfort of feeling closer together.

But the newest invention which is still in the works of distribution, entitled Pillow Talk, is the most dynamic of all possibilities.  Each love, wearing a ring sensor, is able to connect their heart beat to the distant pillow of their significant other.  A great night of face-to-face chat, followed by movies, and then a good night’s sleep next to your lover’s heartbeat  is possible with this new creation and seems to be the best invention yet for the long-distance troopers.

Remembering that love is more than physical intimacy, but about the building and steady cultivation of each other’s trust and time is key to happiness.  So maybe there is hope for the young-age lovers after all.

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