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The Living Civil Series: Kid Fury and Crissle West

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Who? Kid Fury and Crissle West

Where are they from? Miami (Kid Fury) and Oklahoma (Crissle), now based in NYC

What do they do? Hosts of the chart-topping podcast “The Read”

How are they living civil?

Our first #LivingCivilSeries of the year comes with a bit of a twist because, why not it’s 2017? 2016 was the year of creating your own lane and podcasts became extremely popular. Some of our favorites include, “TaxSeason” “Drink Champs”, “Brilliant Idiots”, “I’ll Name This Podcast Later”, and one of the pioneers “The Read”.

“The Read” is a weekly hip-hop and pop-culture comedy podcast hosted by two millenials that are breaking down barrieres, Crissle West and Kid Fury.  The Read was featured on iTunes’ Best of 2013 and 2014 Editor’s Choice, and is a part of the popular LoudSpeakers network. The pair has also sold out live shows in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Atlanta, and many more cities.


The story of how Kid Fury and Crissle became a thing is almost unbelievable, a social media success story to say the least. They were following each other on Twitter for the longest time and decided to meet up in Atlanta where they were both going to be for New Year’s Eve. Crissle is from Oklahoma and Kid Fury is from Miami, but they both wanted to step outside of their comfort zone and move to NYC. Crissle was on her way out and encouraged Kid Fury to put some pep in his step. The rest is history.

Twitter (Social Media) friends can change your life don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Both host’s organically had an online presence on social media. Kid Fury started his urban news/gossip site entitled “The Fury” in 2016 which now has over hundreds of thousands of hits a day along with his YouTube Channel, Kid Fury TV holding over 94,000 subscribers. Crissle is a Tumblr-lovin’ writer who grew up in the mid-west with racism in her face, a strong opinion, and a ridiculous sense of humor. Chris Morrow approached Kid Fury about doing a podcast and he said he would only do it if he could have Crissle co-host with him, now they are the rockstars of podcasting.


We knew we loved this podcast when we heard the dopest remix to “Oh Happy Day” on the intro. The show is unapologetically black and made for people who know how to properly construct educated arguments about the world that we live in and shake their ass. Their effortless conversation is a mixture of the beauty and the barber shop.

When most podcasts talk at you, “The Read” talks with you and listeners feel included in a genuine conversation between two “clatchet” (classy/ratchet) best friends. The show is off of the cuff and what you hear is what you get. No cliche scripts just two raw infectious personalities covering topics like Beyonce, black excellence, racial injustices, the LGBT community, and anything else that may piss them off or make them happy in pop culture and in their everyday lives. Crissle and Kid Fury say the things that people are not saying but should be saying in a comical and educational way that keeps listeners enlightened and entertained. Other than podcasting the two have their hands full with a galore of opportunities

Use your platform to do all that you can, try everything as long as it doesn’t go against your values.

Furious Thoughts Live”  is a spinoff stand-up comedy show of Kid Fury Tv, and it has sold out multiple shows. He is also a recipient of the #YouTubeStar Shorty Award. Kid Fury says that he will try anything that remotely interests him because he never knows will it will take him and he is going to get everything that he deserves. For example, the duo never thought “The Read” would grow into its own entity, they just did it to add onto their brands and it has grown to be bigger than anything they have ever imagined.


Crissle has become the “it” girl when it comes to commentating on race, sexuality, pop-culture, and podcasting. Crissle has a way of informing the public on complicated issues in a brutally honest sarcastic way that is relatable comical and easy to comprehend. Crissle is also a writer whose work has been published in ESSENCE magazine and has appeared on panels at NYU, UC – Riverside, Murray State University, and the American Studies Association. She has also appeared on MTV 2’s “Uncommon Sense”, MTV News’ “Decoded”, and Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” where she gave us the ultimate rundown of Harriet Tubman’s journey.


Be yourself and believe in yourself, everything will fall into place.

The duo has also appeared on Watch What Happens Live, VIBE, and many other media platforms. Their characters and attitudes are the same across all boards, they are black, snarky and outlandishly calm. The two have shown that you can make a career out of being yourself and have statistically proven that the podcasting wave can be lucrative. You don’t have to be popular or come from another medium to have a successful podcast, just be yourself, find your audience, be loyal to them and they will be loyal to you.


Walk in your truth, even if nobody understands it. 

We love Kid Fury and Crissle because they went to the big apple with a couple hundred dollars and struggled their way into their own lane that nobody can take away from them. Kid Fury and Crissle are completely confident and comfortable in who they are as people, and encourage others to do the same. They speak for millions of African-American men and women fearlessly and will be a staple in media during this transitional and conflicting time in culture and history. This is only the beginning for them and we hope they reach the world with their words while making the money that their talent is worth. Continue to live bold, live free, and #LiveCivil.


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