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The Living Civil Series: DJ Orange Calderon

By Posted on 1 2 m read

Name: Orange Calderon

Where is she from? Houston, Texas

Where does she reside? Los Angeles, California

What does she do? Curate melodic mixes while being drop dead gorgeous

How is she living civil?

If you’re familiar with the new wave of talent flowing into the DJ world you might have heard of this beauty, her name is Orange Calderon. Calderon is one of the newbies on the block, we discovered her on the world wide web and instantly fell in love with her poetically lit and themed SoundCloud mixes and aesthetically pleasing social media.

DJ “OJ” is a master of mixing, transitioning and diversity; she will take you from the Jersey Shore to The Trap House without missing a beat. One of her most popular works of art is the chopped and screw version she created for fellow Houston comrade Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try it”, which reached over 2.3 million streams. Listen Below:

Orange delivers nothing less than perfection and consistency when it comes to her creative work, and that is why brands are knocking at her door. To “live Civil” is to take your talents and passions and transform them into a profitable career and lovable lifestyle. Calderon has done that with ease by taking her lifelong love for musical composition and turning it into a money-making mission.


Calderon has worked with and been endorsed by various artists and brands including John Legend, Chuck Inglish, Jay305, Nike, Puma x Fenty, W Hotels, Trillectro, The Standard, Hypnotic, BET, MTV, VH1, and a ton more. One thing we love about DJ OJ is that she does it all so effortlessly, she teaches us that when you do your own thing and you do it well “they” will flock to you organically like pigeons trying to catch a bread crumb and recognize your worth. You can currently find Dj OJ on her brand new radio show “The Juice” on Dash Radio which airs every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 PM.


We love how Orange screams femininity and dominance all at the same time. She has the work ethic of a soldier and the gracefulness of a ballerina. Oranges nomadic and strategic spirit is going to take her places beyond her imagination, and we can not wait to see her fulfill all of her hearts desires, keep “living civil”.

You can do it all by yourself. 

Women can be as sexy as they want to be in a male-dominated industry.

Use your experiences to fuel your imagination and creativity. 

Always put out your best work, don’t half-ass anything.

Consistency and persistence are everything. 



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