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The Living Civil Series: Angela Yee

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Name: Angela Yee

Birthday: January 3, 1976

Where is she from? Born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn NY, but grew up in South Orange, New Jersey

What does she do? Break gender and industry norms in business, entertainment and hip-hop.

How is she living civil?  

The world knows Yee for her success as a radio personality on “the most dangerous” morning show, The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club has grown to be one of the most popular radio shows syndicating all over the nation and also airs live on the new, Revolt TV. Yee’s success didn’t fall out of the sky, it all started when she left her miserable job at a temp agency after college and at this very moment, she began to live civilly (Do you like how we did that there?).


To live civil is to live a positive life with no boundaries, to move through life with a glass of water that is always half full and never half empty, and to know that your wildest dreams are capable of being transformed into your wildest reality if you work at it. We often put our favorite celebrities, entrepreneurs, moguls, and digital media mavens on this imaginary high horse. We watch them day by day, post by post wishing we could live a similar fulfilling life. The truth is, you can. Your favorites favorite is just like you. They have a heart, just like you. They have a brain, just like you. They have the same 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year, just like you. The only possible difference between you and them are their risks, choices, perspective, and work ethic.

After leaving the temp agency she landed a job with Wu-Tang, yes “36 Chambers” themselves. She then had different jobs in the industry and found herself at Sirius XM Radio doing administrative work until an on-air position opened up and management thought she would be a good fit. Yee describes her first time on-air as “terrible,” saying she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. However, she clearly prevailed, and the rest is history. To hear more about her early years and career journey, you should check out The Color Full Lives Podcast presented by State Farm and powered by Loud Speakers Studios.shade45Fast forward to now, Angela Yee is more than just a popular radio personality. She is also an entrepreneur, who has had her hands in artist management (Jay Electronica, Wu Tang, and GZA), runs her own successful podcast entitled Lip Service, and much more. Lip Service is special because it is a platform for women to openly talk relationships and sex with no inhibitions, Yee is like the new wave Dr.Ruth. The podcast organically cultivates a raw, healthy, and productive conversation about intimacy for men and women.

“Sometimes people don’t look at women as being sexual beings, like we’re not supposed to talk about those things, but you know amongst our friends we talk about everything. The show is for guys to know more about what women like and for women to learn more each other and not feel like certain things are so taboo to talk about.” – Angela Yee

Lip Service is a one of a kind podcast, especially for women of color.


Angela Yee’s latest venture has absolutely nothing to do with media and entertainment, it’s a juice bar with DJ Envy (super dope right?!). Yee and Envy partnered up with Styles P and Jadakiss to open up Juices For Life in Bedstuy, Brooklyn this summer where she currently resides. Yee was very hands on with this project, she was in charge of scouting locations and other logistics. In a recent interview, she says, “I handled everything I had to handle because I wanted to make it happen. A lot of people say, I want to do this and then they don’t do nothing.” If you felt indifferent about this statement, then it might be time to start executing your plans and unfinished business. Not only did she just make a bad ass investment like a boss, she is also contributing to her community and bringing healthier options to the area.

“I hope that people who have never tried something like this before will try it for the first time and just adapt to a healthier lifestyle,” – Angela Yee

juicebarWe love how Yee doesn’t fear taking professional risks and is never afraid to go for what she wants. That type of attitude can take you places, and women everywhere can take away gems from her story.

 Never be intimated (especially by men in the workplace).

There is always money to be made, no matter what you do.

It’s okay to not know how to do something as long as you’re willing to learn.

 Don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone.

 Stay humble, don’t get caught up in the hype.

 Always have fun, no matter what.


Cover art by Darrick Washington (@_kurrent) 



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