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Live Civil’s Top 7 Lively Civilians of 2011: Day 1

Every year, the time comes for listings of the top celebrity donations and philanthropists based upon money, prestige and sincerity.  But, isn’t that just played out?  This time, we would like to present to you (in no particular order) those whom have contributed to the betterment of this world, while fighting for their rightful place in history congruently.

Live Civil’s Top 7 Lively Civilians of 2011


Wise Intelligent (of critically-acclaimed rap trio Poor Righteous Teachers)

Wise Intelligent receives a spot on our Top 7 because of his dedication to the youth through all aspects of his work.  He first sparked a reading campaign which grew to new heights via Twitter during the month of July.  At the same time people were obsessively tweeting pictures of themselves planking and some arguing about its origins, Wise took to his Twitter in a more educational way: “Take a pic of yourself reading a book and share it! Flood Twitter and Facebook! It’s no longer smart to be dumb.”

Although the campaign did not run global or become first page news on any blogs, via Twitter hundreds of others participated in the movement.  Previous to, and beyond that day, Wise Intelligent advocates for the betterment of self and education through the act of reading.  Specifically targeting children of lower-income neighborhoods, he acknowledges how his love for reading and writing inspired his music career.  This has also been expounded on in his newly published book on Hip Hop culture, economics and politics, “3/5th an MC: The Manufacturing of a Dumbed Down Rapper.”

Beyond reading, writing and recording, he is also involved in IntelligentSeedz, which is a “not-for-profit youth media organization – co-founded by Stacey Muhammad of Wildseed Films – that teaches middle and high-school children film, television, web design, music video and print publication production.”  The rapper-activist-writer definitely works to see the future where his books are—in his eyes.  We see you living civil.



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