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Live Civil’s Top 7 Lively Civilians of 2011: Day 3

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"Curtis Jackson"

In 2003, 50 Cent positioned himself as one of the hottest rappers alive.  Since then, he’s built several empires.  From G-Unit Records to its clothing label; Vitamin Water, video games and an acting career, he’s now determined to top all of these accomplishments with his philanthropy. “I want to impact people’s lives more,” he tweeted in July.  “I created a new goal for myself, I want to feed a billion people in Africa over the next 5 years.”

Whether or not you’re a part of the crowd who would criticize him for his broad use of “Africa,” or his tactics of ‘saving’ rather than ‘supporting,’ the origin of the statement is an inspirational one for all people.  Catapulting himself from the world of controversy his name automatically incites, 50 made a huge step teaming up with Pure Growth Partners for the new energy drink, Street King.

Not only are there no carbohydrates, sugar, or artificial colors, it’s made up of 100 percent natural flavors, a natural source of caffeine, fortified vitamins and a portion of each purchase will be donated for the cause.  We’re rooting for the fulfillment of his ambitious goal.  Living civil ain’t easy.

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