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Live Civil Gems: The Best Random 2Pac Cameos

By Posted on 4 2 m read

Around this time last year, we were told that the search was back on for a Tupac look-alike who could effectively play him in a biopic. While the plans have changed from Big Screen to Broadway back to ‘who knows?’, we found a few of the best gems documenting his life. Proving how versatile and unpredictable Tupac was, these four cameos portray him at several different points in his life; as background dancer and performer; an actor; relaxed and chilled eye candy; and an enthusiastic back-seat rider. Can you guess the cameos?

"cameo" "Sweet Thing" Digital Underground" "2pac"

1.  1991; “Nothing But Trouble” [Movie]; Digital Underground

In his first film debut, Tupac made an appearance alongside Digital Underground.  What simultaneously became his breakout performance as a rapper in “Same Song,” was also his first time in the spotlight after having worked as background dancer and roadie for the crew.


2. 1993; “Romantic Call” – Patra Featuring Yo-Yo

Not sure how this duo connected, but the Dancehall Queen and Pac definitely showed a bit of chemistry in the video. Fun and Dance in the sun with one of the greatest dance songs of the 90s.  Patra was also spotted out and about late last year, with rumors of a planned return to mainstream.


3. 1994; “Whatta Man” – Salt-N-Pepa Featuring EnVogue

Not much needed for this one.  A great hip-hop/r&b tune with the best eye candy for women known in video history. Including the late great Pac. That’s about all that needs to be said.


4. 1997; “Sweetest Thing” – Lauryn Hill

Yeah, you read that right.  While the video was released in 1997, it is said that Tupac Shakur filmed his cameo scene in this video in the summer of 1996, just a few months before his death.  While it has never been confirmed by Hill (why has no one ever asked?) you can peep from his profile around 2:30 that it is him indeed, or the best damn impersonator around.


And a treat —  the best of them all…

If you see any cameos these days, alert your local insane asylum… or give me a call (if it’s really him….). If you have any favorites from the past, share with us below. It’s always refreshing seeing new things you’ve never noticed before, aye?


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