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Live A Little: Funny Videos This Week

By Posted on 4 1 m read

Sometimes it’s good to just spread the love.  Here’s a few of our favorite funny videos we’ve come across in the past 2 weeks or so.  Remember that to laugh is to prosper. Endorphins keep you going. Spread the love and life!


102 Jamz’s BDaht pulls another classic prank call on a heavy smoker on the day of the potheads, 4/20.


Girlfriend catches a case of the crazy when she forgets her boyfriend is travelling Europe


Sometimes a little yodel goes a long way


While getting pranked, this man’s wife has an unlikely confession…


Conan, is that you?


“I’m having A Difficult Time Killing My Parents”.. This is a short film by TJ Miller initially created for Sundance Film Festival.  But it’s worth the 15-minute watch if you can get down with dry humor. Give it a try.


Laugh more, Live longer.

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Jazzi Johnson 


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