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Love & Hip Hop’s Lessons In Love?

By Posted on 1 3 m read


If you’re keeping up with the second season of the Vh1 hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop, you’re most likely amongst the many weighing in on the portrayals of love.  There’s Emily’s unrelenting love for Fab; Kimbella’s  short fuse for any negativity about Juelz; and Chrissy’s repetitive nagging about Jimmy’s hesitance to put a ring on it.   Below are a few things we’ve learned about love from the show so far, and few tips to those who may be going through the same.

To the Emily’s

      • Of course, it’s difficult to let go.  But once you do, even if you have intentions of getting back together one day, don’t make yourself so readily available.  Allow time to be sure he/she is who you really want to be with, and give yourself time to see what a relationship would feel like with someone else.  Even if it’s only through a few dates.
      • If re-entering a situation again, have a discussion about the things that made it fail in the first place.  Be sure that changes are being made so that both will be happy the next time around and old issues won’t resurface.
      • Keep yourself first, even if you’re lonely.
      • Forgiving people for their actions will set you free, more than it will them.
To the Kimbella’s
      • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
      • Be aware of time and appropriateness.  If you have something personal to share with a friend that may affect them, consider doing it in a private setting between just the two.  Embarrassing someone in front of a group of people, or revealing something detrimental to them during a time of happiness is inconsiderate and immature.
      •  Letting feelings from the past serve as an excuse for your current choice of actions is unhealthy.  Learn from your past and elevate beyond it.  No one should ‘makes you’ act of out of character.  That is a choice of your own.
To the Chrissy’s
      • Family is always a touchy issue when dealing with a loved one.  We all want to be loved by our significant others’ familial members.  The best thing you can do is to ignore it.  If they actually don’t have a stake in what your lover is feeling, what he/she may do, and the future of you two, just let it go.  Over time, they’ll learn to get over it… possibly.
      • Some people believe in marriage, others don’t.  Urging someone to marry you isn’t necessarily the way to go during the dispute.  If the true issue at hand is insecurity about the future between you two, it is important to voice how you feel, but to not force your emotions onto the other.  Talk through it.
      • Marriage proposals should be made for each other’s happiness…. and genuine…. with confidence…. -___-
Love will never be a one-way street.  It will always be an intersection with trucks, bulldozers, snow, black ice, sunny days, scorching days, and rainy days inbetween.  Love & Hip Hop continues to entertain their audience because of the interesting dynamics of love it shows, including the weave pullouts, bloody face scratches, and the pitfalls of work and money.  But I think there’s one more vision of love missing in the show, and that’s new love.  I vote for the return of Somaya and Swift.
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