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Leah Still Challenges Riley Curry To Do The Whip In A Dance-Off

Leah Still might be going through a pretty tough medical battle with cancer, and melting our hearts, but she isn’t afraid to get tough with another sweetheart, Riley Curry.

After footage of Stephen Curry’s daughter doing the “nae nae” dance went viral on her birthday this month, the daughter of Devon Still has a message for her.

The football star posted a video to his Instagram of Leah challenging Riley to a dance-off, where they two would go head-to-head with the newest sensation, the whip.

Devon wrote the hilarious caption, “I showed Leah the video of Riley doing the whip and all she kept sayin was daddy she can’t do it better then me… so I said if that’s how you feel then challenge her to a dance off so @stephencurry30 the challenge has been sent #RileyKilledTheWhip #ButLeahPracticeThisDanceSoMuchSheBeFeelingHerself #SheLoveSeeingRileyOnTv”

Who wouldn’t want to watch this dance-off go down? See Leah challenge Riley in the video below.

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